Friday, 9 November 2012


Using words is a brilliant way of communicating. Without words, the world might be meaningless and true emotions/ feelings would have never been without them. People use words all life long, some words are said naturally and others are voiced out after proper reflection...

"Love" is the most beautiful word ever created and has a deep meaning that touches lots of hearts...

Don't forget to say I love you to a loved one and say it spontaneously when you want as it might be too late afterwards. However, say it when you really mean it! The magical aspect of the word love is that it can have several aspects, or different levels of intensity. The meaning of the word itself is the same, that is, it reflects an emotion which is uncontrollable and is developed throughout time. 

The first level of love is friendship and is, from my point of view, the most sincere one as the loved ones are accepted as they with their qualities and their less appealing part of the personality. The "lover" is here to support the "loved" in hard moments; to give a helping hand whenever required; to laugh at stupid jokes & to guide the other when the wrong path is taken... Moments shared in friendship are moments of truth that are exploited without inhibition, it's only in friendship- the deep one that you can actually be yourself and remain authentic...

The second one is the romantic kind of love which is shared between two persons... Unfortunately this love is not as pleasant and sometimes; not as sincere as the first one... During the first phase, joy and passion is omnipresent, but time, experiences, situations and hidden facets of each others' personality burst out and this is when incomprehension, fights or cries appear... However , a couple has to pass through various obstacles and emotional moments to know each other better and live the life of their dream together!

In any way, "love" and the famous but shy phrase "I love you" should be voiced out when this feeling overwhelms you. Proving your love and saying it provides you with a feeling of freedom, even if it sometimes drag you to hell... 

Relationships become ambiguous when one person trespasses the limit of friendship with a kiss or sex and becomes closer and more intimate to the other person. This is when one can fall in love against his/her will, since love is an uncontrollable feeling! At this step of a relationship, love has to be expressed before it is too late...Waiting for the other to say the so awaited magic words will only lead you to more suffering as although the other "seems" to have the same feelings as you, it might not be the case. Remember: Men are from  Mars and Women are from Venus

The word "love" usually changes the world, in a good or maybe horrible way but one thing is certain - it provides with you with an indescribable  feeling of freedom!

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